We have a dedicated team of lawyers that assist clients with property law related transactions throughout New South Wales. Whether you are buying or selling a home, unit, strata title or a commercial property, we will help you at every stage of the transaction. We can also assist you with commercial property leasing, business transactions and franchise agreements.
Our specialised team led by Nuri Hahn will meet your needs to secure your dream home or business. We aim to strengthen your position as a purchaser or vendor and will ensure that you understand your obligations throughout the entire process. Our property law team’s extensive experience in this complex and dynamic area of law will give you a peace of mind about all conveyancing matters that you may wish to pursue. We are committed to our clients and endeavour to act only in your best interest.

Kim & Associates 의 한누리 변호사는 부동산과 비지니스 매매 업무를 전담하고 있으며 개인주택, 상가, 아파트등 각종 부동산 매매업무와 비지니스 매매, 사무실 & 상가 임대및 프랜차이즈 업무를 총관하고 있읍니다.
오랜 경험을 토대로 정확하고 신속한 업률업무를 제공하고 있으며 고객의 만족을 위해 모든 업무에 각별한 정성을 다하고 있으며 정직한 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다.
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